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    Homework is not assigned in our class in the traditional sense. We work hard during the school day and after school time is filled with sports, family, and outdoor fun. There are, however, the following homework options available to continue the learning at home:

    • Classwork to be completed: work not finished during class may come home in your child’s folder to be finished and returned.
    • Absent work: when your child is absent, assignments that he or she missed may be sent home in his or her folder.
    • Math: When we complete a “lesson” (spanning several days) there is a “Homework and Remembering” page that will come home in your child’s folder. Your child may complete the Homework side and return it in his or her folder for Dojo points. *Please note: these pages are meant to reinforce what your child has been mastering in class and are meant to be be done independently by your child.
    • Dreambox: a great option for reinforcing math skills right at your child’s instructional level.
    • Spelling: refer to the Speller's Choice Menu for daily ways to study your weekly spelling words.
    • Reading: 20 minutes per night for pleasure from a variety of genres including both fiction and non. *The Wonders App has digital versions of your child’s leveled reader!
Last Modified on September 12, 2018