• Each two week period our class will be focusing on two different spelling lists. The first list is comprised of words that use the word study patterns and phonics strategies that we are studying within the context of our classroom readings. These words are “decodable”, or readily sounded out with a knowledge of word families and phonics. These words will come home in your child’s folder every other Monday in the form of a “pretest” and will be studied in context in classroom readings, spelling sorts, and phonics games on the Wonders app. Refer to the Speller's Choice Menu for fun ways to study these words at home. (These lists may also be found on this website by clicking the links on the "Curriculum Corner" page.)

    The second list is comprised of “high frequency words”, also known as “sight words” or “key words”. These words are known as such because they are the words that most frequently appear in print. Therefore, recognizing these words by sight are “key” to reading and writing fluency. Because of their frequency in print and the fact that they are not readily decoded (sounded-out), these words should be memorized and recognized by sight. Your child may be bringing home flash cards to gain fluency with these high frequency words. Thanks for your help in practicing with them at home!

Last Modified on September 12, 2018