• Carlton Hills Middle School Physical Education Program 

    Students will be participating in a variety of team sports as well as individual skills and conditioning. California has set standards for both 7th and 8th grade physical education. In order to meet these standards, we will require each student to participate on a daily basis. Attitude and effort will impact the students’ grades.

    The dress code will be strictly enforced. It will consist of a Carlton Hills P.E. shirt and shorts, socks, and ATHLETIC shoes. (Shoes must have backs and laces) Uniforms may be purchased at Al’s Sport Shop located at 9250 Mission Gorge Road. Bring an extra pair of shorts and a shirt for the locker in case spares are needed.

    In order to participate, the students must be dressed out according to the set dress code. If not, the student will receive a NON-SUIT for the day. If a student is not suited out on a Fitness Lab day, they will also receive a zero for their fitness lab grade. It may be made up by running on a make up mile day. Students are allowed two non-suits in a six-week period before their grade will be affected. After the third non-suit, their weekly participation grade will be lowered as follows in the participation category:

                            1 non-suit         =          maximum of a B

                            2 non-suits        =          maximum of a C

                            3 non-suits        =          maximum of a D

                            4 or more          =          failing grade

    *** Check grades regularly after the first 3 weeks in a trimester.  A weekly grade will be entered for participation.

    Students will have locker.  All the locks are combination locks, but the locks have a key as well for teachers to access when a combo is forgotten. Students are responsible for locks.  If a lock is damaged or lost, the student must pay for the replacement lock.

    If a student is ill or injured, the student needs to take the parent note to the school nurse.  The school nurse will give us a slip explaining why the child is out, the duration and which classroom the student will be placed during PE.  A doctor’s note is required for long-term illnesses or injuries. Students must turn their PE excuse into the office before school and then pick up a pink slip from the health office during lunch.

    According to the California State Standards, students must run on a regular basis. We will be running the mile to improve individual times approximately every other week. Students may run an extra credit mile the other week to earn more points.  Missed miles due to PE excuses must be made up, as they will affect their grade. We have one make up mile every other week along with the extra credit mile.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns,


    Jr. High Team