1/6-Ashlyn's birthday

    1/8-Liliaunna's birthday/ 6th Grade Egypt Presentation

    1/10- Anika's half birthday and progress reports go home.

    1/13-1/24: iReady testing

    1/15- JJ and Brennen's birthday

    1/16- Gabe's half birthday

    1/20- No school (Martin Luther King Day)

    1/27- Aaron's half birthday

    1/28- Joshua's half birthday

    1/30- Apex Run

    1/31- Non-Compliant food day



    2/3-2/21: IAB Testing (Math and ELA)

    2/3- Gregory's half birthday

    2/5- Keyila's birthday/ Ms. Schmidt's class play

    2/7- Ryder D.'s birthday

    2/10-No school (Lincoln)

    2/14- Valentine's day/ Non-compliant food day/ Valentine's day party

    2/15- Alivya's birthday

    2/17- No school (Washington)

    2/19- Brooke's half birthday

    2/20- Leo's half birthday/ End of Tri 2

    2/28- Non-compliant food day/ Report cards go home



    3/2-3/27: Physical Fitness testing

    3/17: St. Patrick's day

    3/16-3/27: Tentative day for Egg Drop report and project due/ Colonial Day

    3/27: Lunch on theh lawn/open house/ non-compliant food day

    3/27-4/13: Spring break

    4/11: Gavin I's birthday



    4/13-4/17: Kindness Challenge week

    4/17:Progress Reports

    4/13-5/22: CAASP testing

    4/24: non-compliant food day



    5/2: Cara's birthday

    5/10: Mother's day/ Ms. Baranov's birthday

    5/11-5/22: iReady testing

    5/25: No school (Memorial Day)

    5/28: iPad collection

    5/29: non-compliant food day



    6/3: Orientation for 6th grade

    6/5: Memory book distribution

    6/10: Last day of school/ non-compliant food day