• Optional Enrichment Support

    We understand that recent events have created many challenges. To support you while you are caring for your child, we have created a number of optional, fun enrichment activities which are available while your child is at home.

    If your child brought home a district issued iPad

    Your child’s district-issued iPad includes a number of curricular apps used in our daily instruction to support student learning. These apps will continue to be available for our students while they are at home. For a list of these apps, as well as instructions for accessing them, please click here.

    In addition to these core software programs, you will find several new .pdf files on your student’s iPad containing math, reading, and writing activities. To learn how to access these resources, play the video below.

    In case the video would not play on your device, these can be found on the iPad by clicking on the “Books” app and selecting “Library” at the bottom of the screen. Once there, go to the document that says, “Read me First.” This document includes instructions for using the rest of the resources. Again, these are optional resources, intended to provide your child with fun options during his or her time away from school.

    If you need instructrions on how to connect a district issued iPad to Wi-Fi, please click here.


    If your child did NOT bring home a district issued iPad

    A digital version of these enrichment activities are available here.