• Creating Video Screencasts for Your Students 

    A screencast is a digital video recording of your computer or iPad screen and usually includes audio narration. A major benefit of screencasts in a remote learning setting is that, unlike a live videoconference, the student may watch it at any time. Students also have the ability to watch them more than once, if needed. 

    Your first step in getting ready to screencast is to select which program you will use. Below you will find an option for both Windows and Apple computers, as well as instructions for screencasting directly from your district iPad.


    PowerPoint for Windows: 

    Teachers can use PowerPoint to record screen casts, with narration, and save them in movie format to share with their students. This is a Windows-only option, so for teachers with an Apple laptop, please see Quicktime by Apple below.  

    Watch the video below to get started. 


    Quicktime by Apple: 

    Apple’s built-in video player also contains a basic video capture tool that allows teachers to record part or all of their computer screen, add narration, and then share the saved movie with students. 

    Watch the video below to get started.  


    Built-In Screencasting on the iPad 

    Just a few clicks and you can record your iPad screen as well as narration.  

    Software availability: Built into all iPads (student and teacher).  

    Getting started: Access Apple’s own instructions for this by clicking HERE


    Tips for Screencasting:

    1. Take the time to learn software basics - This will save you time in the long run.

    2. If students will be seeing your desktop, take a couple of minutes to get rid of any clutter and/or personal files.

    3. Start simple - Perhaps an explanation of a single concept.

    4. Create a script for longer screencasts - This will tend to reduce the number of times it will take to get your narration "just right."  

    We are also offering optional “live” online trainings during the week of April 27 - May 1 for those of you wanting extra support in getting started with videoconferencing. To find dates/times for these sessions, click the "Calendar of Live Webinars" link on the left hand side of this page. 

    If you run into trouble using this resource, feel free to contact: Dan Prouty (daniel.prouty@santeesd.net) or the Curriculum Resource Teachers (curriculumresourceteachers@santeesd.net).