iPads/ Technology

    If you take your iPad home, please make sure it comes to school 100% charged every day!! Please also provide headphones for yout child.

    Here are some apps/websites you can utilize at home with your child:


    Lexia (reading) http://www.lexiacore5.com/ Username: Student ID # Password: Password


    Spelling City (spelling) https://www.spellingcity.com/CarltonOaks2nd/ Search teacher’s list: CarltonOaks2nd Password: carltonoaks


    Epic (reading) https://www.getepic.com/app/ Classroom Code: AXR7562 Pin: first 4 of Student ID #


    DreamBox (math) https://play.dreambox.com/play/login School code: yegx/carltono Username: Student ID #
    Password: Password


    Think Central (math aligned with textbook) Info to come soon on website & login.

    Math Cards (math facts timed)
    No username/log in required for app.


    Telling Time Quiz (time-telling)

    No usernam/log in required


    Wonders (reading focusing on weekly skills) App installed on iPad
    Username: Student ID #
    Password: Password