• pic  Here are some quick references to help with some common distance learning issues:

    Dreambox, iReadyand Seesaw

    (It's asking for a code)

    Even though there are apps on the iPad, you have to access Seesaw, iReady, and Dreambox through Clever (just like we do at school! :)

    • Go to the Clever app on the iPad
    • Enter username and password for Clever (lunch # followed by password that starts with the beginning of your last name followed by #’s; case sensitive)
    • Locate iReady / Dreambox / Seesaw within Clever
    • You will not need to put in another set of passwords.

     Accessing Clever from a device other than a district iPad

    • From the District webpage or the HC webpage clicking on Student Resources
    • Clever is listed in the drop down menu.




Last Modified on August 23, 2020