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    History Text Book in PDF form
    You can down load this to your Ipad to Notability or Explain Everything



     Book Project Due- 5/30- Plot Map with Parent Signature 

    Monday-Finish Narratives, first round of Presentations 
    Tuesday- 2nd round of Narrative Presentations 
    Wendesday- Last of Presentations 
    Friday- Aquatica 7th Grade-- 8th Grade Disneyland



    Students are responsible for making up work due to absences. After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to check the website on the class computer or at home, get any handouts from the daily folder, and turn in the work within the same number of days as the absence.  LATE WORK When assignments are not completed on time, students miss out on learning.  In the case of late work, students are to turn the work in the next day for partial credit. All other assignments not completed by their due dates will receive a zero. DISCIPLINE--The junior high team has high standards for behavior. We will be using the school-wide step system, which is detailed in the student handbook.  SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION!!I will do everything I can to encourage students to work to their full potential. We have strategies in place to address different styles of learning and opportunities for extra help and support if needed. There are some things that you as a parent can do to promote success as well. *Please ensure that your child has a book to read independently at home.  We, as teachers, will continue with instructional reading in the classroom. *Ask to see your child’s work and assignment calendar on a daily basis. Write down major project due dates on your family calendar. Check the teacher’s class web site for upcoming projects. Offer to look over their finished work before it is turned in. Ask your child about their AR book and how many points he/she has earned.  Help proofread their writing! *Encourage your child to take advantage of any offered extra credit work or opportunities to redo tests.  In order for children to be successful, they need support at home as well as school. We will keep you informed through our websites, online grades, and phone calls. You may also e-mail or leave a message on voicemail if you have any questions or concerns. Together we will help to make your child’s year a great success.
Last Modified on June 7, 2019