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     DREAMBOX School Code is yegx/carltonh


    Please remember to practice your math
    facts every evening, and to work on Dreambox
    at home to keep up with the third grade


    Homework Assignments      Please initial the homework/behavior calendar nightly.
    READING - Students will be expected to read 30 minutes each day.
    SPELLING - Each night students should choose one of the practice activities from Spelling City (online); Thursday - practice test. If there is no computer available, students should make flashcards to study their words or choose one of the activities from their Spelling Assignments list (in their homework folder). Students do not have to return their spelling homework to class. They should double check their work or have a parent, older brother or sister, or other family member help correct their work. Students copy their words on Monday at school and should keep their list in their homework folder.
    MATH - . Students will be using online math practice programs for math homework. Math Fact Cafe or Math Magician should be done nightly to practice either multiplication or division facts.  Students may practice online using math games on my website.  If there is no computer available, please use flashcards. Dreambox, Moby Max, Math Magician, and Math Fact Cafe are some of the programs we will be using. Log-in info will be sent home with students.
    Students should be reading 30 minutes every night.  There should be a MINIMUM of 120 minutes each week spent reading for homework.
    AND - Third Grade students should be memorizing their times tables and division facts.  If they haven't already started doing so, there are some good weblinks on my website to help them practice online.  Also, flashcards are inexpensive to make on index cards or purchase at Walmart or Target. 
    THANK YOU for your support!
Last Modified on November 3, 2017