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    Homework is due each night, unless otherwise noted.  The READING REFLECTION LOG is to be filled out at home each night, and it is due on FRIDAY.  Students who are missing homework assignments will complete them during recess time.  It is the responsibility of each student to take their homework home each day, complete their assignments, and make sure they bring them to school when they are due.  Parents should help their child schedule enough time to complete homework, and they may review the completed work and help as needed. 


    PUBLICATIONS FOR PARENTS - Read about helping your child with everything from math to learning responsible behavior.

    MY VIRTUAL REFERENCE DESK - Visit the virtual reference desk to find help with homework and a variety of other subjects.

    NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC HOMEWORK HELP - This site has excellent references for history, geography, science, and social studies.  Bookmark this one!

    TIME FOR KIDS - HOMEWORK HELP  - This site is an all-purpose homework helper.

    FACT MONSTER - Almanac, atlas, dictionary, and encyclopedia information for elementary and middle school students.  Separate section called Homework Center.


    Homework Tips for Parents

    Check to make sure your child has written down assignments for the day, and get the tough work out of the way first. 

    Teach your child to check their work frequently.

    Establish a regular time and place to complete homework.

    Minimize distractions such as phone calls, television, or computers during homework time.

    Help your child learn to keep their materials and homework assignments organized in their folder.

    Get in the habit of double-checking to be sure homework, library books, and school supplies are put in the backpack before leaving the house in the morning.

    Parents may review their child's homework to make sure they have completed all assignments, and that it is done correctly.  This will help your child begin to do this themselves.
    Homework Schedule
    Monday:  Spelling City or Flashcards/Activities, Math, Reading 30 minutes and complete Reading Reflection
    Tuesday:  Spelling City or Flashcards/Activities, Math, Reading 30 minutes and complete Reading Reflection
    Wednesday:  Spelling City or Flashcards/Activities,  Math, Reading 30 minutes and complete Reading Reflection
    Thursday:  Spelling City or Flashcards/Activities, Math, Reading 30 minutes and complete Reading Reflection
    Reading Reflection Due on FRIDAY MORNING with Total number of minutes read AND
             Parent Signature!                    

    Book Report Guidelines

    Book reports will be assigned throughout the year, generally one per month with the exception of December, April, and May due to holiday schedules and testing. 

    Students will be required to read a book relating to the theme or genre (style of writing) that is assigned.  We will be able to get books from our school library, and the Santee Public Library is also available just down the street.  Students should select a book that is appropriate for their reading level.  Parents may read with their student, and ask questions while reading, so that their child can gain more information from the text.  Students can also take notes while reading to remember important events, facts, and information from their story.  One other strategy that may help is to have your child read their book more than once, so that each time they gain more information and understanding of the story. 

    After reading their book, students will then be asked to complete a written report, usually following a specific guideline on the form that is sent home for that month.  Along with the written report, students will create a project to demonstrate a key event or idea from their book selection.  Please read through the instructions on the form for that particular month to make sure their project meets the expectations.  Students will usually have the complete month to finish their projects, unless otherwise noted.  Parents may assist in giving their child ideas, but the work should be mostly completed by the student. 

    In order for your child to do their best work, please help them read their book within the first week or two, and then they should begin their project in the third week, with any finishing touches and revisions to be done the last week.  Students should NOT try to finish their book report in 1 or 2 nights.  This does not allow enough time for the student to complete the story, the written report, and the project with the kind of quality and neatness that is expected.

    The written portion of the book report is a very important part of the task.  PLEASE help your student check spelling, neatness, and COMPLETENESS of their written work.  A complete report will generally contain 9 - 10 sentences, with quality description of the story events, characters, problems, and solutions.  For non-fiction type books, students should be able to describe important facts learned from their reading, and they should be able to answer questions about the topic.  NEATNESS COUNTS!  I cannot stress enough the importance of students taking PRIDE in their work!  Too many times, students try to rush through, they do not make a rough draft or take notes, and they turn in work that is unorganized, messy, or incomplete.   The ability to read a text, and create well-thought out written responses becomes very important as students go through the upper grades, so it is very necessary that we help them create good work habits.

    Should you have any questions, please write me a note, give me a call (258-3423) or send an e-mail kmccurdy@santee.k12.ca.us.  I will usually get back to you in 1 - 2 days.  Thank you for your assistance!    

Last Modified on February 26, 2014