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    Please contact the plan's member services department for questions or assistance.  If your problem is still not 
    resolved after contacting the plan, call the FBC plan administrator, at 858/292-3885
    Member Services - (866) 499-3001  
    Member Services - (800) 422-4234

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    Frequently asked dental questions:
    Q. What is the difference between Delta PPO and DeltaCare PMI?
    A. Delta Dental PPOis a self-funded indemnity incentive plan for the employee only. Coverage begins at 80% in the first year of enrollment and increases 10% each year up to 100% if the employee receives treatment in the previous calendar year. Employees are not limited to certain dentists and 90% of the dentists in the San Diego area participate in the PPO plan. Coverage can be purchased for dependents under the Voluntary Delta Dental Plan at the employee's expense and will be covered at 70%. 
    DeltaCare PMI is a dental organization in which employees and/or family members assigned themselves to a dental office within the panel network. Coverage is 100% for most services and co-pays for some services (see summary of coverage for more information).  Both Delta plans are available to all benefit-eligible employees.  **********************************************************************************
    Q. When can I change my Delta dentist?
    A. Delta Dental Premier members can use any dentist and do not need to notify Delta prior to changing dental offices.  However, members who receive care from a PPO dentist may receive deeper discounts on services.

    Q. When can I change my PMI dentist?
    A. DeltaCare PMI members must notify DeltaCare PMI' member service department prior to the last week of the month in order to be eligible in the new PMI dental office the next month. **********************************************************************************


    Q. If I want to change from PPO to PMI (or the opposite) for me or my dependents, when can I do that?

     A: You are allowed to change plans ONLY during open enrollment or by having a life qualifying event. 
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