The Hartford Life Insurance
    District Paid-Basic Life  (877) 320-0484
    A D & D Claims (800) 303-9744 
    Life Claims (888) 563-1124 
    Group life insurance provided through

    San Diego County Fringe Benefit Consortium



    The District provides $50,000 of term life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance for all benefit eligible employees.

     If you are leaving the District & wish to continue this coverage, please fill out the attached form send a copy to the address listed, and a second copy to my email address. 
    Please contact your benefits representative for questions and assistance at (619) 258-2313 or email: ramon.martinez@santeesd.net

    Voluntary Life  &          Voluntary A D & D
    Grp # 875033                  Grp #  S08116

Last Modified on July 20, 2017