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    Let''s keep the lines of communication open.  Email works best for me, as I check it a few times each day.  
    You can stay informed by 1) helping your child stay up-to-date with their planner and looking at it each evening 2) checking the Homework Link each afternoon and 3) checking the online grade site once/week. Getting into this routine should help prevent unwanted surprises.
    Email me with questions, concerns, or information you may want me to have.   If requested, I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.
    Stay connected via your cell phone.  REMIND is a useful tool that allows me to keep you posted on upcoming due dates and events.  It's one way communication that is easy, quick, and safe.  Sign up today!     Clink this link:  Remind

    Name:   Mr. Tracy Fox
    Phone:  956-4571   Room 201 (Jr. High Bldg.)
  • Welcome to THE DEN
    The fun and learning is in Room 201 
    The home for all things from and about Mr. Fox's classes!
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    Please feel free to wander about my website.  Note the links that may be most appropriate for students and those most appropriate for parents.  Visit often.  Email me with questions, concerns, or other school-related topics.
    Concerned about your child's screen time?  Read this: 







  • This is the spot for the latest and greatest about the events happening in The Den and at Carlton Oaks.
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    6th Grade Camp Info. on Sept. 7 Open House  Camp Cuyamaca Open House Info
    For more camp information, please see Camp Link found on left margin.
    School Supplies -  A recommendation on what to have for my class.
    1.  Pens (having extra handy and at home is helpful)
    2.  Pencils (having extra handy and at home is helpful)
    3.  2 single subject notebooks OR 1 binder with plenty of loose leaf paper, dividers
    4.  At least 2 folders, one/subject, for keeping loose papers in
    5.  A decent size eraser
    6.  Index cards (to create weekly flash cards for our vocabulary words.  15 new words/week)
    Donations to The Den are always welcomed and appreciated!  Here's what we could use:
    • Clorox wipes (or some version of them)
    • Pencils
    • Computer paper
    • Lined paper
    • Index Cards (lined)
    • highlighters
    • tissues
    • colored pencils
    • Zip Loc Bags of various sizes
    • When all else fails . . . gift cards are terrific help.  I can use it to buy what is needed.
    Important Websites


    Online Grade Help:


    Remind One-Way Messenger

    • Stay connected via your cell phone.  REMIND is a useful tool that allows me to keep you posted on upcoming due dates and events.  It's one way communication that is easy, quick, and safe.  Sign up today! Click on link:  Remind
    • Wordly Wise Study Site Go here for review quizzes



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