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    I am proud to call Carlton Oaks my work home.  I love the tremendously positive environment - wonderful colleagues, terrific kids, and the very supportive and helpful parent population.  I know that this new school year will offer more of the same.  

    A little bit about myself (the Den Master)

    I have taught for 32 years, all in the Santee School District.  I have spent time teaching or leading at Cajon Park, Santee School, Pepper Drive, PRIDE Academy, and, of course, Carlton Oaks.  I received both my BA and MA from SDSU (Go Aztecs!).  I am originally from the great state of Connecticut and moved west to Los Angeles just before my junior year of high school.  I began my high school life as a Trojan and ended a Warrior.  With my east coast upbringing, it shouldn't shock you to know that I am a NY Yankee fan, though the Padres are next in line.  I used to be a Charger fan but, like the team, my football heart has moved on and I will now put my heart in to rooting for my Aztecs. 

    On to the Fox Family:

       My wife, Susan, is a sixth grade teacher in the South Bay school district.  She has taught in her district for as long as I've taught in this district.  Even though she is not a RED HAWK, she is impressed with the caring people she has met here at Oaks.

        I am blessed to have two beautiful, intelligent, caring daughters, Corrin and Melissa.  Melissa, is a graduate in the field of Media Communications, with a minor in biology from Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU).  She is currently lving in Orange County and working at the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland as a face character and host.  Corrin is a college graduate of California Lutheran University with a degree in Psychology. She earned her Yoga certification and is busy both teaching yoga classes 7-8 times a week and being a personal trainer to about 20 clients.  She is married and living in the west LA area.  These three beautiful, intelligent, and kind ladies keep me grounded in family - an extremely important part of my life.

    My wife and I enjoy going for walks - especially down by the bay - and going to theater.  And at home, Tucker, our 7 year-old Cocker Spaniel adopted from the SD Shelter, is reminding us what it's like to have a youngster in our midst. . .  Happily so. 
    I am a huge SDSU Aztec basketball fan!  I attend the home games and watch the others on tv.  You'll notice a few Aztec items in the Den. Just a few.
    Here are some of my favorite things so you can see if we have some things in common:

    BooksWatership Down, The Shack, Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Holes, Any book by Mitch Albom, Harry Potter (#'s 3 and 7), The Fault in Our Stars, Wonder, Gore Vidal's Lincoln, Gone Girl

    Movies - The Sting, The Philadelphia Story, Singing in the Rain, Pirates of the Caribbean Pt. 1, Toy Story (1-3), and other Disney movies that make me crack up, such as Emperor's New Groove.

    TV - The Good Place, Survivor, Stranger Things, Sherlock, Brooklyn 99, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Better Call Saul, Veep, GLOW, Atypical, The Crown, Handmaides Tale
    Guilty Pleasure - Bachelor/Bachelorette (Hey, cut me some slack, I have had three women around the house. They wore me down.) 
    Old Time TV (at the risk of dating myself):  Arrested Development, M*A*S*H, Cheers, Friends, Family Ties, Carol Burnett Show, LOST, Psych, Chuck . . . the list could go on and on.
    Food -  Phil's Barbecue (the El Toro Tri-tip is the best!), Pick Up Stix, Panda Express, Daphne's, In and Out, Jamba Juice, the fro-yo at Yogurt Express, Smashburger, Stacked, toasted cranberry bagel with margarine(from Einstein's), Annie's Burgers

    Sports - Yankees (hey, I grew up in Connecticut watching the Bronx Bombers and going to some games at the stadium), Padres (yes, I can like them too - been is SD since 1980, so they grew on me), the SDSU Aztec men's basketball team, and now, thanks to those who BOLTED, the Aztec football team as well, NCAA Basketball Tourney, NHL playoffs, Tony Gwynn (R.I.P.  . . . what a great role model!)

    Others -   Starbucks Chai Tea Latte (non-fat, of course), good manners, respect, perseverance, accepting responsibility for one's actions, a quick wit, and students who care about school, paying it forward
    Boy - this reads more and more like a Facebook profile, doesn't it?    Is Facebook still "in" these days???

    On vacation in Cabo

    Me and the Mrs.
    Mrs. Fox and my two daughters.  
    Mrs. Fox and our two daughters  (;
     The Fam

     The Fam


    Me in 6th Grade. Quite dashing, I'd say!


    A black and white shot of Hume Lake, one of our favorite get-away spots.


    Aztec Basketball . . . We will be victorious!

     My first "Home Team".  The Padres are my second.


    rangers  Favorite Hockey Team