Room 11 :)
    Classroom Managemant
    Behavior Expectations: There are certain behavior expectations and procedures for every classroom. I feel that it is very important to let the students be involved in the rule making process. On our first day of school, we all work together to create the classroom rules. I believe this is a good way to get the students involved and to make them take ownership for their behavior. I do not want the students to think that I am punishing them for doing something inappropriate, but rather letting them know that it was a choice they made and they in turn must take responsibility for it. Each year the rules change a little because the students are the ones making the rules. Santee students have had great teachers in the past and I know that their behavior reflects the prior teachings they have been exposed to in this district. The students each year set up acceptable and appropriate rules for the classroom and in turn this lessens the chance of major difficulties in the classroom.

    I have high expectations for my students and I think it is important to give a great deal of positive reinforcement for appropriate actions and behavior. I give table points to encourage positive group behavior and effort. I put student’s names on a happy face board for good behavior. Students are rewarded daily and table groups that have worked well all week will also be rewarded with a prize. I believe that all parents want what is best for their children and want them to learn appropriate school behavior. If I foresee a serious problem developing, I will contact you and make you aware of the situation. I feel that I am a very relaxed and patient person and therefore many situations or minor difficulties don’t have to go home with the student. If you disagree with this please let me know. You know your child best so if another system is necessary I can modify this for your child. I feel that with enough recognition of good behavior the classroom will run smoothly.

                                                             -Miss Wells :)