Wish List

    Classroom donations are always welcome and very appreciated!
    Listed are some items that we use in class and can never have enough of:
     Stapler (or 2 or 3!)
    Dry erase markers                                   Gallon & sandwich Ziploc bags
    Glue sticks                                               Sticky notes
    Elmer's glue                                             Graph paper
    Colored copy paper                                 Scissors (5 inch pointed - for classroom use)
    White copy paper                                    Scotch & masking tape
    Wet wipes                                                Gift cards (Target, Walmart, Office Depot, etc)
    Hand sanitizer                                          Clear plastic page protectors          
    Thank You!!!

    The following is a suggested list of supplies for your child to bring to school, which will be used during instruction:

    2 spiral notebooks
    4 pocket folders
    2 fine tip Dry Erase markers
    Notebook filler paper
    Pencils (5 sharpened per day!)
    Self contained pencil sharpener 
    Sticky notes
    Colored pencils
    Markers (10 pack - no Sharpies!) 
    Glue stick
    Pencil box or pouch for their desk