• Parent Teacher Association
    Our school PTA is an essential part of the Chet F. Harritt team where staff members, parents, and community members all work together to ensure student achievement. Throughout the course of the year, this organization hosts fundraisers, evening events, and holds regular meetings to outline the organization's goals and events. Parents and community members are welcome to join at any time.
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    Chet's PTA Leadership for the 2018-2019 School Year:
    Executive Board Members:
    President:  Charr Jervis
    Vice President of Membership:  Kayla Coker
    Vice President of Fundraising:  Sarah Kirk
    Treasurer:  Angie Metts
    Secretary:  Kim Crook
    Family Engagement Liaison:  Amanda Hammett
    Auditor:  Christina Lesniak
    School Administrators: Tylene Hicks, DiAnn Albert
    For more information, please visit our Chet PTA Facebook Page:  Chet F. Harritt PTA
    To contact the PTA, please email:  cfhptahelp@gmail.com
    If you have any questions please send them to:
Last Modified on November 15, 2018