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    First Trimester Writing Genre - Summary, Personal Narrative, Narrative Story
    Second Trimester Writing Genre - Expository Writing - nonfiction (research report, summary, biographies, etc.)
    Third Trimester Writing Genre - Persuasive
    Reading Responses - each week students are to write two responses about the book(s) they are reading independently at home.  They have five choices for what they may write with directions on their log.  The paragraph should be 6-10 sentences in length.  With a topic sentence, support sentences (4+ sentences), and a concluding sentence. Below are the two types we have covered so far.

    Reading Response – Evaluation

    I read the folktale “Hungbu and Nolbu.”  It is about two brothers one poor and kind, the other rich and mean.  A swallow enters their lives and changes the way the two boys see each other.  The swallow is my favorite character because it is small yet powerful.  It has the power to bring a magical seed to each brother.  Hungbu receives a seed that grows into gourds, one filled with rice and another filled with gold.  The seed was given because Hungbu saved the swallow’s life and helped heal an injured leg. On the other hand, Nolbu receives a seed that grows into destruction because he injured the bird’s leg purposely for greed, to try and get the same riches. Hungbu in the end helps his brother and together they use both their talents as a team to have a good life.


    Reading Response - Summary

    Yesterday I read the book The Raft.  The main idea of the book was that a boy named Nicky had to stay at his grandmother’s house for the summer, and he’s not happy about it.  He thinks he will be bored because she lives in the woods and doesn’t even have a TV.  A few days go by, Nicky is sitting by the river near his grandmother’s house and a raft appears.  He uses the raft to explore the river.  Many animals are attracted to the raft, so Nicky begins to draw on a sketchpad all the animals he encounters.  On his last day, Nicky rescues a fawn and reunites it with its mother.  This inspires him to paint a picture of the fawn on the raft along with the many others already painted from years past. Nicky ends up loving his adventures at his Grandmother’s house in the woods.

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