Mrs. Fee’s Class


               Discipline Policy

    Room 4 Promises:                                 

    1.    Share

    2.    Care

    3.    Be Fair

    These rules encompass positive, respectful, on task behavior.  This provides a positive learning environment where all students can learn and grow.  The PeaceBuilders program also continues in our classroom.  PeaceBuilders:

    • Praise People
    • Give Up Put-Downs
    • Seek Wise People
    • Notice Hurts
    • Right Wrongs
    • Help Others

    CLASS DOJO: This program will be utilized in our class.

    Positive points will be given for: Following Directions, Being On Task, Actively Listening, Helping Others, Lining Up Appropriately, Being Quiet in the Library, Working Hard, Teamwork, Being Respectful, etc.

    Points will be taken away for: Talking while Teacher is Teaching, Not Following Directions, Being Off Task, Inappropriate Use of Hands, or Not Being a PeaceBuilder (Being Disrespectful).

    Hopefully positive behaviors will outshine negative behaviors and Fantastic Frogs will be seen everywhere! Students with 10 or more positive points at the end of each week will get to go to the classroom Prize Box. Parents can see their child’s progress by logging into the ClassDojo from home.

    We will also be having “Community Circle Time” to solve problems, reflect on feelings, and grow as a community of kind and peaceful learners.

    I know this year will be fun, exciting, and rewarding.  I look forward to seeing your child grow, learn and progress throughout the year.  Thank you for your support.



    Mrs. Fee





Last Modified on August 15, 2019