At the snack table or lunch table:
    * Sit flat on your bottom with your feet in front of you.
    * Unfold your napkin and place on your lap.
    * Take appropriate sized bites of food.
    * Chew with your mouth CLOSED.
    * Do not talk with food in your mouth.
    * Do not share food or touch other people's food.
    When you are finished eating:
    * Use your napkin to wipe your face and hands.
    * Clean up all of your trash and wipe your area with your      napkin.
    * Sit quietly, whispering to a friend until it is time to be    dismissed.
    DO NOT:
    * Stand up to eat.
    * Run around the lunch area.
    * Climb on the table.
    * Touch other people's food or lunch pail or tray.
    * Leave crumbs or a mess on the table.
Last Modified on August 15, 2019