• Mr. Applegate’s Welcome Letter

    Hill Creek School

    9665 Jeremy Street

    Room 102 Building D

    (619) 956-5054


     Dear Parents and Students,

                Welcome to a new year at Hill Creek.  I have been at Hill Creek now for 18 years and both of my daughters are Bulldog Alumni. I feel very strongly about our school and our students. I know Bulldog pride is strong and hope we all can have a fun and successful year! 

                I am very excited to usher in the new school year by teaching 7th Science and 8th Science. I will also be teaching a Coding, Programming and Intro to Robotics (CPR) course which will be a new elective offered to our students. We have a new vision and we are very excited about the 2017-2018 year!

    Failure is not an option!

    I try to create an environment of respect for all and challenge the students to be the best they can be. With hard work and communication I believe that this will be a great year!

           Recommended materials students need by the end of the first week:

    ·       A three ring binder with loose-leaf notebook paper, and DIVIDERS or a notebook for Science only.

    ·       A three hole pouch with blue or black pens, and colored pencils


    ·       Arrive to class on time. Be prepared to learn.

    ·       Enter the room quietly and be ready to learn.

    ·       Use the restrooms and get drinks before class.

    ·       Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    ·       Respect others at all times as well as their property.

    ·       Late work is unacceptable in junior high. A parent note may be considered at my discretion to excuse late work. Absences excepted.*

    ·       Follow the dress code at all times.

    ·       Cell phones to be off and away.

    .        Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated!


      Grades will be given for homework, class work, class participation, quizzes, chapter tests and occasional projects.  Progress reports (available on line at any time) will be collected approximately halfway through each grading period. Student and parent access codes will be available and sent home early in the year and all are encouraged to monitor grades on a weekly basis.  Parents will be notified if I see any problem requiring immediate attention, and those with concerns may contact me via e-mail or voice mail at any time.

    Grade scale is as follows-
    59- and below F

     *****After an absence the student needs to check the assignment planner on the website or check with me or a fellow student. Absent work is due following as many days as the student was absent.

     *****Helpful Hints- Ask to see your child’s assignment planner each day and offer to look over their finished work before it is turned in to the teacher.

          *****Help proof read their writing!
          *****Write down major project due dates on your family calendar.
          *****Parents need to sign the completely filled-in assignment planner for the student to earn credit each week.
          ***** In order to be successful, your child needs support at home, as well as,  at school.
          ****Students may check out a book at any time. If they missed an assignment or need to finish one.

    Replacement costs of texts:  If your assigned text is damaged when you get it, report it to the librarian so you will not be charged at the end of the year.

      The Focus on Life and Physical Science, text cost $70.00

     Please feel free to contact me by note, phone or E-mail. Please see my website for additional information.  Communication is the key to solving and resolving many concerns. Here’s to a fantastic year!

    Go Bulldogs!


    Mr. Applegate


Last Modified on August 16, 2017