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    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Journeay and I teach middle school PE and Makerspace (Woodworking) here at Hill Creek School.

    I have had a very successful program with students not only taking home beautiful projects such as coffee tables, clocks, writing desks, and bookcases, but also winning numerous awards at the San Diego County Fair. This was very rewarding to me as a teacher. There is nothing like watching a student design and build a project with his/her own hands! I look forward to seeing all of you accomplish this as well.

    Makerspace is a twelve-week exploratory woodworking class.  In this class students will:

    1.      Have instruction in proper use of tools, equipment, materials, and safety needed in a woodshop.

    2.      Use tools and materials to design and build a beautiful woodshop project and family heirloom.

    3.      Have the opportunity to have their projects proudly displayed at the San Diego County Fair.


    How do we get started?

    Safety is the number one priority in the woodshop. Each student will be required to take a safety test and achieve a passing score of 100%.  The safety test is on my web page and students make take the test as many times as needed to pass.

    Steps needed to complete projects:

    1.      Milling wood to rough sizes

    2.      Milling wood to finished sizes

    3.      Joint construction

    4.      Construction of the project

    5.      Preparation and finish

    6.      Final project


            There is a $10.00 donation for wood only or you may bring in your own wood to class to use.


    1.      Grading will consist of any tests, a weekly effort grade, and the finished wood project.

    2.      Grading scale

    A .-------- 100 – 90

    B. -------- 89 - 80

    C. --------79 – 70

    D. --------69 – 60

    F. ---------59-