•                                                             August 2017


    Dear students and parents,

                It is at this time we would like to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year.  This is an exciting time for all of us. Sixth grade will be located in the middle school building and will rotate between the two sixth grade teachers: Mrs. Montler and Mrs. Kelly  ( daily schedule & curriculum overviews are located on our websites). The sixth graders will also be taking a middle school elective and participating in middle school P.E. In addition, as an extra incentive to continue to work hard and be responsible both inside and outside the classroom, the 6th graders will also be included in monthly junior high activities (e.g. dances, field days, spirit days) again this year. 
    *With that in mind we will be following the middle school discipline policies and will be using a behavior step system (the blue card). 


    Because our classes are based on participation and cooperation of the students in here, discipline problems cannot and will not be tolerated.  Discipline problems only take away from the focus on the task at hand; therefore, must be held to a minimum (preferably none!).   Please see the behavior policies (located on back of the blue card.)


           In our classes there will be daily, weekly & long-term projects assigned. It is up to you to keep track of when your assignments are due.  Students will receive a weekly assignment sheet to use in the classroom the first two weeks of school. After the first two weeks of school, students may continue to use the paper assignment sheet, provide their own planner, or use the calendar app on their iPad.


    ** Homework assignments can be found posted on our websites under Homework/Monthly Calendar.


    Assignments will not be accepted late for full credit. Partial credit for late assignments may be given if a written excuse with parent confirmation accompanies the late assignment.  Students absent on the day assignments are given will have one day for each day of absence to complete the work.  Assignments assigned prior to the student’s absence are due when the student returns to school . Extra credit is not given in all classes, but students may redo assignments that have been done poorly to improve grade.


    *Grades will be available on-line this year. Student and parent access codes will be available and sent home early in the year and all are encouraged to monitor grades on a weekly basis.

    Once again, welcome to the new and exciting year. I look forward to working with each and every one of you. I welcome any questions, concerns and/or suggestions you may have.


      Thanks for your time and support.


     Chris Kelly




               A GOOD ATTITUDE- with a willingness to be a team player, to ask questions and to be ok with making mistakes.
              3 RING BINDER- to keep subjects neatly separated
    • PENCILS- math work will only be accepted done in pencil
    • AFTER SCHOOl MATH HELP–  Tu. & Th. (2:10-3)  

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    We have gone over and understand the expectations of the 6th grade classes.


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