• Adaptations/Modifications for Physical Activities


    Some examples to ensure all students can be successful
    Larger/lighter bat                                                                 
    Use of velcro                                                                       
    Larger goal/target                                                                
    Mark positions on playing field                                           
    Lower goal/target                                                               
    Scoops for catching                                                        
    Vary balls (size, weight, color, texture)                                
    Playing Field/Boundaries:                              
    Decrease distance
    Use well-defined boundaries
    Simplify patterns
    Adapt playing area (smaller, obstacles removed)
    Vary the tempo                                                                    
    Slow the activity pace                                                           
    Lengthen/Shorten the time                                                     
    Provide frequent rest periods                                                 
Last Modified on March 5, 2010