• Supplies for Room 2's Kindersp            

    Please bring all supplies on Mon, August 21st  for Orientation/First Day or if possible no later than Tues. Aug. 22nd..
    Items Suggested for Each Student: Please purchase only the specific sizes and brands highlighted. Thanks so much!
    1 large backpack - not rolling
    1 pkg. of 24 crayons (Crayola preferred)  
    1 bottle of white glue (Elmer's preferred)
    1 pkg. of 8 large size markers (Crayola preferred) has to have the primary colors plus black and brown (Classic)
    1 pkg. of 12 colored pencils   (Crayola preferred)
    1 pkg. of 12  #2 pencils   (Ticonderoga preferred)
    1 pair of scissors-pointed tip (Fiskar preferred)
    3 pack of glue sticks (Elmers preferred)
    1 pkg. of 8  water color paint set (Crayola preferred)
    1 pencil box (regular size, not the extra long one or the extra wide one)
    1 box of Kleenex
    Items that would be appreciated in the classroom:
    Pump soap for the sink (not hand sanitizer please:)
    Paper Towels
    Ziploc Bags: snack, sandwich, gallon and/or jumbo
    Glue sticks: large and small
    Paper plates: inexpensive type with ribbed edge
    Colored copy paper (all colors)
    White and colored cardstock paper
    Inkjet printer labels (address, nametag 3 1/3 x 4, and shipping 2 x 4)
    Color and Black ink cartridges (#901)
    Costco gift card for photo processing and/or filling ink cartridges
    Prizes for our Treasure Chest