• Five Senses at Christmas

    Posted by Lori Harris on 12/5/2017 11:00:00 AM

    tree Five Senses at Christmasornament



    We have learned about our Five Senses: see, smell, hear, taste and feel. Think about how you use your Five Senses during the holidays. Tell us what your favorite sense is. For example: I love to smell the fresh Christmas tree in my house during the holidays. You will be rewarded for blogging a complete sentence.

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  • Native Americans and Pilgrims

    Posted by Lori Harris on 11/14/2017 8:00:00 AM


    pilgrim In Social Studies, we have been learning about the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. Please answer in a complete sentence with spacing and  proper punctuation about what you have learned about Life Long Ago and/or Native Americans and Pilgrims.

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  • Lifecycle of a Pumpkin

    Posted by Lori Harris on 10/13/2017 7:00:00 AM

    The Lifecycle of a Pumpkinpumpkin


    We have learned about the Lifecycle of a Pumpkin this month. In your blog, tell me how a pumpkin begins and how it changes into a pumpkin that is ready to be picked. We have planted our own pumpkin seeds and are waiting for them to grow in our outside garden. We continued learning with a lesson at Oma's Pumpkin Patch. 

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