Home Sweet Homework


    Homework is sent home each Friday to be returned the next Fri. Please send homework folder back each day for notices to go home.  A few homework guidelines we would like you to enforce at home:
    1. Always use a pencil (unless directions state to color)
    2. Check and clean out homework folders daily.
    3. Set a routine to do homework each day. You need to be available to guide them at this time.
    4. Homework should not  take longer than 10 minutes a day.
    5. Please guide and check letter and number formation.
    6. Make sure that reading is done each night and is logged in on the weekly log as well as the monthly log. As of Sept. 18th-no more white reading log but continue to sign the monthly colored log.
    Books that come home:
    1. Books made in class.: They will be made out of paper and can be put in a book box at home to be re-read often.
    2.Library books: They will come home every Friday. Read and enjoy until the following Thursday.
    3.Reading book: They will come home any day of the week (Monday through Thursday). Please sign and return the next school day. Your child will not receive a new book until the book bag is returned so please always return it the very next day.
    If a book is lost, it will cost $5 to replace it so please teach your child to put it right back in his/her backpack for the next day of school.