• Key Words 

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    About Key Words

    Key Words, or sight words, are commonly used words that your child will learn to recognize read by sight, and spell.  Please study these words as part of his or her nightly homework routine.

    In class, we will introduce a few key words each week.  You can print a set of words at the beginning of each trimester, and practice each night with your child.  Please let us know if you have any problems downloading the key words and we will print a set for you.

    Study Tip: Read-Spell-Read

    Students can practice reading the word, spelling the word, then reading it again.  This way, they will be able to recognize the word while reading as well as knowing how to spell it, when writing.  Give it a try! 

    Power Point video, with animation and sound to practice key words: 
    (make sure you play it as a slideshow!)
    Flash Cards: 

    Click to Download: Trimester 2 Key Words

    Click to Download: Trimester 3 Key Words