• 2010-2011 Student Work
    Students created an All About Me comic using the program ComicLife. This was a way for them to learn how to use the program, while sharing their favorite things. We put their comics into a slideshow and played it at Back to School Night in September. Click here to play the movie.  All About Me Movie
    Students wrote beautiful Old Mansion Stories and then created a movie in a program called Pixie 2. This is one of the programs from Tech for Learning.


    California Native Americans
    Students researched CA Native American Tribes and then worked in pairs to create a short summary of their research. Students useda program called ComicLife to display their knowledge. PLease click the limk below to view a movie of all of our comics.
    Ecosystems of the World
         Students studied different ecosystems of our world. Each student was assigned an ecosystem to build. Students prepared a presentation and presented their ecosystem to the class. All of their projects turned out fabulous!! Students then used the program ComicLife and created a comic with information about their ecosystem. Click the link below to view the movie.
    Food Chains
         Students used ComicLife to show what they learned about Food Chains. Click the link below to view the movie.