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    1.   Be courteous and respectful in what you say and do.

    2.    Respect the rights, feelings, and ideas of others. Work to solve problems and conflicts.

    3.    Do the best you can in every job. Learn procedures for doing a job, and do it right!

    4.    Use self-control.

    5.    There will be NO toys, hats, candy, or gum in the classroom.

     Classroom Rules

    1.    Be polite.    

    2.    Work quietly.

    3.    Follow directions.

    4.    Always do your best. 

    Behavior System

    I use a card system: “rainbow”, “sunny”, “cloudy” and “stormy”. Everyone starts on “sunny” each day. Students acting as role models and doing an exemplary job have the opportunity to move to “rainbow”. Those students who need be reminded to follow the behavior goal discussed might need to move to “cloudy” but can earn it back to “sunny” if they correct their behavior. Sometimes children stay on “cloudy” or move to “stormy”. A child who is on “stormy” has had difficulty regrouping and exhibiting the appropriate classroom behavior. We will contact you so that you are aware of your child’s behavior goal for the next day. Everyone working together can help your child achieve success.

Last Modified on August 18, 2017