Home Sweet Homework

    school days
    Nightly Reading
    We strongly encourage a minimum of 10 minutes of reading each day. You may choose to read to your child, have him/her read to you, or split it up.
    Monthly Homework Calendar
    Each month a homework calendar will be sent home. I suggest that your child completes 3 activities per week. I do not ask for anything to be turned in to us. Instead we offer this monthly calendar for those of you that would like to work with your child.
    Monthly Family Projects 
    Once a month we will send home a “Family Project” to be completed. Specific guidelines will be given. However, creativity within those guidelines is encouraged. Assigning family projects is another way of opening up the doors to a school and home learning connection. The intent of these projects is not to cause added stress but to enable your family to dedicate some extra time to be together and work on these projects. Each child will be asked to share their family project each month with the class. This is a great learning experience for the children to be active participants in speaking, listening and questions. These fundamental skills will become valuable not only as they journey through their educational career but also in other life experiences. 


Last Modified on August 18, 2017