• Here are things that we use in Room 3...

    Students are encouraged to bring these items to school
    1. Pencil Box- Please bring a pencil box for your supplies
    2. Crayola Crayons (24 color assortment)
    3. 1.27 oz. glue sticks - We need lots of these for our many projects.
    4. Crayola Classic Color Markers (8-10 per box)
    5. Crayola Colored pencils
    6. #2 yellow pencils
    7. Boxes of tissue
    8. Baby wipes
    9. Items for Room 3 Prize Box - things like stickers, pencils, erasers, other things 6-7 year old children would like.  

    Donated Items will be used for all students in our class.
    Thank you so much!!!
    These items would be very helpful
    1. Reams of colored paper
    2. Dry erase markers (broad tip) for students use on white boards
    3. Paper towel rolls