HOMEWORK   apple

    *This year, the MOST important assignment for your child is to READ every day and practice high frequency words (We call them Rocket Reader Word).  
    Reading- Read, read, read! Read with your child, let he/ she read to you every day. 
    Practice High Frequency Words (Rocker Reader Words)/ Fluency Practice- 
    First your child will be given a list of 25 words (at a time) to commit to memory. Please help your child practice reading the words quickly. These words are not words that should be sounded out. I will send home directions with the first list. When your child has finished these all 200 words, he/she will then move the Fluency Practice. He/she will be given a short passage to read. The goal is to try to read the passage as quickly as possible. First graders should be able to read 75-90 words per minute. So practice reading every day.
    Guided Reading Practice- Students will bring home a  Book Bag with a little book or story inside. Please have your child read the story at least 3 times. Then sign the yellow card inside and return it to school the next day.
    Help your child by discussing the book with him/her. Ask: Who is the story about? Where does the story take place? What is the problem in the story? How is the problem resolved?  Did you like the story? What did you like/dislike about the story?
    If your child is having trouble with word, try these strategies:
    Look at the pictures
    Look at the letters
    Sound out the letters
    Does it match the picture and make sense. 
    Spelling - Students will receive a list of spelling words that align with the skills of the week. Please use your list of Spelling Activities to help your child learn these words.  
    Math - Math practice pages will be sent home on Mondays with other homework. Also, practice addition and subtraction facts. Please complete and return to school on Fridays.