Welcome to Second Grade in Room 7!

    I hope you will look through this website regularly in order to gain some information about the goings on in our classroom.  This page will be updated regularly with current news pertaining to field trips, school events and important dates.  I am looking forward to meeting my new students this year!

    First Day of School Information 
    On the first day of school, please look for a very important packet coming home.  There will be a great deal of information in this packet regarding classroom and school events, routines, and expectations.  There will also be items that will need your signature and will need to be returned to school.  Please go through your first day of school packet very carefully. 
    If you would like to volunteer in the classroom or participate in a field trip please provide our office with a completed volunteer form and a copy of your driver's license.  You can obtain these forms in the classroom, our school office, or you can print them from the link below. 


     Classroom Donations
    Please see the Home Page for much needed classroom donations.  Thank you so much for your support! 
    Fridays are Spirit Days
    Please encourage your child to wear a Pepper Drive T-Shirt or a red shirt to school on Fridays.  Pepper Drive T-shirts can be purchased from our PTA. 
    Birthday Celebrations
    Due to the district Wellness Policy, students my no longer bring in food items to share with their classmates on their birthdays.  Instead you may choose to bring in such items as pencils, erasers, or stickers and such.  Thank you for helping us comply with this district mandate.  We will certainly celebrate each child's birthday in Room 7.