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        As a concerned parent, you may be asking yourself if there is something additional you can do to insure your child's success in school.  Several common "threads" run through families that have very successful students.  Here is a list of items that seem to correlate between these families:

    1.  Consistent bedtimes are important.  Children need between ten and eleven hours of sleep every night to do their best in school.

    2.  A child's diet will effect learning.  Children with well balanced diets and consistent eating times seem to do better in school.  Breakfast is an important meal and should be eaten every morning before school.  Make sure that it is nutritious that will sustain them through the morning.

    3.  Make sure your child comes dressed appropriately for school.  Little "strappy" sandals are adorable on tiny feet but not practical on the playground.  If a child falls, stubs a toe, is stepped on or has a never ending supply of sand in his/her shoes, learning often has to take a backseat to fashion adjustment.

    4.  Parent communication and follow through are extremely important.  Children know if the teacher and parents are in communication and generally will do a better job because of it.   Please call me and leave a message on my voice mail with questions or  concerns and I will return your call as soon as I can.  956-5130

    5.  Attendance is very important.  Children that are in school learn more.  Children that are consistently late or absent miss a lot of instruction.

    6. If your child tells you about something that has happened at school or on the playground don't automatically assume that the teacher knows about it.  If something is bothering your child, please contact me so that I may address the matter.  You are your child's best advocate!

    7.  Homework is extremely important!  Keep in mind that the homework coming home relates to concepts already taught in class and is intended as practice.  Please go over your child's homework before it is due each Friday for accuracy and help with corrections if necessary.