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    This is a club for students who are interested in achieving "above and beyond" the normal classroom expectations. All you have to do is learn about the topic, and then write down the answers. You can become a 1-star member, all the way up to a 100-star member! You'll be posted on the "Hall of Fame" chart as soon as you earn 15 stars. Your name will remain there indefinitely. Learning never ends -thank goodness!
    Good luck!


    Name the perfect square numbers up to 225

    Write in Roman Numerals up to 100

    Name 5 famous mathematicians and write why they’re famous

    Write your multiplication facts 1-100



    Language Arts

    Name 20 prepositions

    Name 15 subordinating conjunctions

    Name 7 capitalization rules

    Name 10 comma rules

    Name 10 Newbery Authors

    Give 2 examples each of alliteration, personification, simile, metaphor, and onomatopoeia

    Write 9 editing marks and what they mean

    Use Sign Language and “sign” the alphabet

    Write 1-20 in English, Spanish, French, and German 


    Social Studies

    Name 15 world countries

    Name 15 major world cities

    Name 15 types of dwellings

    Name 10 South American and Central American countries

    Name 10 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean

    Name 10 countries in Europe

    Name 10 countries in Africa

    Name 10 major mountain ranges

    Name 10 major world rivers

    Name 10 large deserts of the world

    Name 10 large lakes in North America

    Name all of the continents

    Name the 50 states

    Name the 13 colonies

    Name 10 Native American tribes

    Name 10 of California’s counties

    Name 8 Civil War battlefields

    Name the 1st-10th U.S. Presidents in order

    Name the 11th-20th U.S. Presidents in order

    Name the 21st-30th U.S. Presidents in order

    Name the 31st-40th U.S. Presidents in order

    Name 10 major U.S. cities

    Name the 5 Great Lakes

    Memorize the Preamble to the Constitution

    Name 10 explorers from the Age of Exploration


    Name 15 kinds of fish

    Name 15 marine creatures

    Name 15 mammals

    Name 15 vertebrate animals

    Name 15 desert animals or wildlife

    Name 10 amphibians

    Name 10 reptiles

    Name 10 dinosaurs

    Name 10 types of birds

    Name 10 rain forest birds or mammals

    Name 10 deciduous trees

    Name 10 rocks or minerals

    Name 10 chemicals and their symbols

    Name 10 constellations

    Name 10 organs in the human body

    Name 8 types of clouds

    Name 5 human body systems

    Name the stages of the water cycle

    Name the order of the colors in the rainbow

    Name the order of the planets in the solar system

    Name 10 types of snakes

    Name 15 horse breeds


    Name one career for each letter of the alphabet

    Name the birthstones for each month

    Name 20 different modes of transportation

    Name 15 breeds of horses

    Name 15 breeds of dogs

    Name 12 winter Olympic events

    Name 12 summer Olympic events

    Name 10 large U.S. corporations and what they do

    Name 10 instruments in a marching band

    Name 10 instruments in a symphony orchestra

    Name 10 famous composers

    Spell all teacher’s names correctly grades k-8

    Come up with a Mastery Club challenge for our class!

    List the Padres’ starting line-up

    Spell all of your classmates’ first and last names correctly

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    Hall of Fame  
    Tawny 3/09
    Melissa 3/09
    Neariah 3/09
    Hunter 3/09
    Evan R. 3/09
    Elizabeth 10/09
    Beatriz 3/10
    Carina 10/11
    Chris 8/12
    Mallory 9/12
    Emily W. 10/13
    Mallory 10/13
    Emily S. 4/14 
    Hassan A. 5/16
    Xander C. 11/17
    Natalie P, 11/17
    Kendal H. 11/17
    Mahdi A. 11/17
    Azriah D. 11/17
    Yad M.  11/17 
    Leo G. 11/17
    Jacob T. 11/17
    Bella M. 11/17
    Zainb A. 11/17
    Minh-Long P. 11/17
    Nathan S. 11/17
    Elijah G. 3/18