• Read Across America Week

    February 28th – March 4th

    “A book EVERY kid should read!”

    Grades 4 – 6


            Do you have an all-time favorite book?  Is it from when you were young or a book you read recently?  Do you think a copy should be available in our library here at Prospect for all kids to be able to check out?  If you do, then participate in this Read Across America activity and your favorite book just might end up in our library dedicated to you!!!



              Write a letter to the PRIDE Academy PTA explaining to them why your all-time favorite book should be added to our school library.  This letter is meant to persuade them to choose your book, so use your persuasive writing techniques. 



              1.  Correct letter format must be used.

              2.  Letters must be written neatly or typed.

              3.  The title and author must be included.

              4.  Your letter should include ideas such as:

                       - why this book is your favorite; explain with details

                       - what was the most important part

                       - was there a lesson or moral to the story                         

                       - why should other kids read this book

                       - any special memories associated with the book

              5.  Word count minimum:

                       4th – 100 words

                       5th – 125 words

                       6th – 150 words

              6.  Letters should be turned in to your teacher by Friday,

                       March 4th.  Late letters will not be accepted.



              Students that participate by writing letters that follow the guidelines will have a copy of their recommended book placed in the school library.  The book will have a dedication plate and be available for PRIDE Academy students to check out.  J

Last Modified on February 25, 2011