• Project Based Learning in Action


  • 7th grade students went on a field trip to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. They had the opportunity to dissect a squid and explore the animals in the aquarium. They had a great time learning with friends.

  • Students worked to create edible water bottles through a chemical reaction. We had so much fun with the lab, mainly because they got to sample the water bottles when the reaction was complete. 

  • Students worked to extract DNA from a pumpkin. They learned the process of how to break open the cell walls and nucleus using a blender, soap and salt. Once the DNA are released, students strained the pulp so that only the liquid and DNA were left behind. Finally rubbing alcohol was added to cause the DNA to precipitate out of the solution. Students were then able to remove strains of DNA. Very exciting. 

  • Students having fun being creative and artistic. Thanks to Channa Collins for being gracious enough to teach the class. Her willingness to volunteer opens the door to this wonderful experience for us.

  • Students learned about the 7 Cross-Cutting Concepts, one of the expectations science students must learn according to the Next Generation Science Standards. Systems are one of those concepts. Students were able to chose their own system to demonstrate their understanding of a system. They did an amazing job with their diagrams.

  • After reading the novel "The Outsiders," students were given the choice of a character from the book. They had to describe their character, share their weaknesses and strengths, along with internal/external conflicts, climax of the story and figurative language. They had a lot of fun being creative with their shirts and had to wear them to school.

  • 7th grade students were learning about Cause & Effect. They needed to try out each toy and explain the cause of the movement and the effect that they saw. This is one of the seven Cross Cutting Concepts in science that students must master. They had a lot of fun with this.

Last Modified on August 20, 2019