• 7th Grade Science - Course 2        Week of 10/2

    Foldables are due today                                8 Major Biomes around the World                If you are finished early - click here 

     Tuesday Abiotic vs Biotic Activity                                   Set up Digital Notebooks for new project 
     Wednesday Table teams receive assigned Biome - today they will work to research their Biome and select their organism
     Thursday  Organism Research Day
     Friday Finish Research, vocab wheel                         If finished early - interactive website "Biomes"
    8th Grade Science - Course 3        Week of 10/2
     Monday  Speed Lab - day 2 
     Tuesday  Forces - Story Slides
     Wednesday    Finish forces slides and speed calculations
     Thursday  Team Planning Day - Digital Notebook
     Friday PHET Simulation w/iPad
    Speed and Motion PPT - link
    Robotics - Week of 10/16
    This week:
    8th grade took on a project 4 weeks ago. They created a proposal explaining how they will incorporate electronics, circuits, robotics into their project. Students presented their project to the class. The next 3 weeks, students will either continue towards their orignial goals or they will create a new proposal to participate in a new project.

    LegoMindstorm Tutorial Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0vqZQMF0A4 

    LegoMindstorm Tutorial Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzRRulYvVdY

    7th grade students took on more advanced ideas in circuitry and robotics. They spent 3 weeks and now they will present their projects to the class. We will then rotate so that each group will get to learn a new concept and create new projects.
    Half the class will take on Arduinos and half will take on the Makey Makey.
    Makey Makey - website
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