Classroom Management
    Dear Families:

    Your child deserves the most positive educational environment possible
    for academic learning. Discipline is the key to making our classroom pleasant
    and optimal for academic growth. Our behavior program is very simple, positive,
    and helps to encourage “good choices” made by your child.
    1.    Listen carefully
    2.    Work and play safely
    3.    Be respectful
    4.    Stay on task
    5.    Try your best

    Consequences - 5 Step Card Program
    Step 1    Verbal Warning/parent contact
    Step 2    Conference with teacher/parent contact
    Step 3    Parent Conference
    Step 4    Written referral with administrative intervention
    Step 5    Refer to VP/Principal

    In order for a student to be off a Step Card, he/she must NOT
    have a behavior infraction for 5 days after the last offense.

    1.    Verbal praise
    2.    Positive progress reports
    3.    Positive note or call home
    4.    Tickets to purchase passes

    I expect each student to have a “Good Day”. Students who go above and beyond
    expected behavior will be rewarded. It is imperative that you discuss these procedures
    with your child. Also, please take the time to praise your child when they behave
    well in class. 

    Behavior Expectations - for more detailed information about our behavior plan
Last Modified on September 2, 2017