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         My name is Susan Smith and I have been teaching at PRIDE Academy at Prospect Avenue School for 15 years and working in the Santee School District for 16 years.  I completed my student teaching at PRIDE in 2001 and it has been "home" to me since then.  I love teaching at PRIDE and meeting new kids, many of which are younger siblings of former students I've had in my class.  We have super kids at PRIDE and I enjoy getting to know them throughout the year!   

         I have lived in El Cajon my entire life and married a San Diego native, Pete, in October 2003.  We have two daughters named Katie and Natalie.  Katie is 8 years old and Natalie is 3 years old.  They are so much fun!  Katie is an awesome big sister and Natalie adores her!  I met Pete at Granite Hills High School from which I then attended Grossmont College, San Diego State University for my B.S., and then National University for my teaching credential.  I have also completed numerous courses, primarily in history, through the University of LaVerne and UCSD Extension.  I come from four generations of teachers, including two sisters who are teachers and my father who is retired from Santana High School.  I enjoy spending time with my family and little girls, working around my house, and playing with our pug, Randy.  I love scary and funny movies, suspenseful books, and hard rock music.  I've played the drums since I was 10 years old, and even recorded two albums with a band I was in for several years (back when I was much younger!)    
         I'm looking forward to another fulfilling year with lots to do!!  Hope my class is ready! :)
    Big Bear--4th of July  
    Me and my girls--Big Bear, CA
    (The tree behind us, the Lodgepole Pine, is over 400 years old!) 
    July 4, 2016 
    Katie and Natalie  
    Katie and Natalie
    Halloween 2015 
    Big Bear  
     Moonridge Zoo in Big Bear, CA
    Feb. 14, 2015
     Katie and Natalie
     Katie holding Natalie at the hospital
    July 23, 2014 
     Bishop 2014  
     Bishop, CA--Spring 2014
    (I was 7 months pregnant with Natalie)