• Supply List
       It is important that your child is organized this year, as well as prepared each day with supplies and completed assignments.  I provide many supplies in the classroom, so other than a 3-ring binder or pocket folder, there is no immediate need for anything.  Please check with your child regularly to see that he/she has what they need.  The following items are recommended for Room 9.  Let me know if you need assistance in obtaining these items or have any questions.
    1)  3-ring binder                                                   
    2) 3-hole punch lined paper                                 
    3) #2 pencils
    4) erasers                                                                     
    5) pencil sharpener (or lead if using mechanical pencils)
    Classroom Wish List
       Our classroom can always use extra items, too!  Things such as kleenex, paper towels, construction paper, blank white paper, lined paper, or any of the items listed above are always appreciated!!  Thank you!