• Borrowing Policy

    Pride Academy School’s library is very much an instructional extension of our classrooms. Materials that are available in the library are chosen to support and enrich the curriculum, as well as to provide knowledge, growth, and recreational enjoyment for our students. Library books are school property. Therefore, it is important that each student returns his or her library and /or text books in undamaged condition . If a student does not return his or her library book on the due date, then that student is not allowed to borrow another book until the overdue book is returned to our library.

    Procedures for Lost or Damaged Books
    1.When a book is two weeks overdue a notice will be sent to the student.
    2.If the overdue materials are not returned within 28 days of first notice, a second notice detailing any over due materials or outstanding fines will be mailed home.
    3. 30 days prior to the end of the school year, a notice will be given stating that the student's grades, diploma, and /or transcripts may be held until the materials are returned or paid.
    Refund policy
    Students returning library books that have previously been paid for shall be reimbursed the amount up to only 90 days from the date the payment was made, but only the payment total was over ten dollars ($10.00). After 90 days if the payments were ten dollars ($10.00)or less , no refunds shall be given for returned or paid fines.
    Please view Damaged Material page for a detailed list of fine amounts.



Last Modified on May 31, 2012