• Parent Letter and Supplies needed for Mrs. Oliver's Class:

    Rio Seco 5th Grade

    Room 23

    Mrs. Kelly Oliver


    Dear Parents,


              I am delighted to be your child’s teacher and I look forward to a year of rewarding and positive experiences.  I LOVE teaching and I have great passion for all of my subjects! Starting my 16th year teaching, living, working, and serving my Santee community brings me such JOY. Working together, we can enhance your child’s level of success during this special 5th grade year. Your child is going to be motivated to work hard, grow in their personal independence and stay organized. We are going to have a lot of fun and soon you will see how much your child WANTS to come to school!


    Your child needs to come to class each day with their supplies

    (Pretty Please)

    Your child needs:

    -a pencil box of their choice

    -lots of pencils

    -12 colored pencils

    -2 dry erase markers

    -1 dry eraser

    -2 glue sticks


    -3 highlighters (different colors please)

    -1 x 3 hole punched pencil pouch for their binder (hint: extra pencils go here)

    -1 1.5 inch binder

    -4 x Pocket 3-hole punched folders (the strong ones that last please)

    -2 x Spiral bound 3-hole punched notebooks

    -ear buds for their IPad (buds or headphones)


     These materials are extremely important and required.  Please do your best to have these supplies by Friday of this week in order to fulfill their requirement of being prepared for class each day.  Also, let me know immediately if the supplies for my class will cause your family a financial strain.  I will be happy to help you out. I will provide their white board, assignment calendar, and all other supplies (along with an awesome year of lesson plans).

    There are many exciting learning activities planned for this year: exploratory math, fun Math rotations with games, U.S. History, Drama, Hands on Science, Film, Cross-Fit, Volleyball, Softball, Yoga and Stretching, Music, Learning the Ukulele and Guitar, Composing original songs to help learn the standards, Creative and Informative writing, A Hero’s Journey (A Lord of the Rings unit), goal setting, laughter, encouragement and team work… just to name a few. I sincerely look forward to working with you to further your child’s education and I hope this will be your family’s most rewarding academic year ever! Please do not hesitate to contact me (kelly.oliver@santeesd.net) as we both strive for the success of your child.  I am anticipating a wonderful year.  Please be sure to sign the PG movie permission slip, and follow the group e-mail address procedures so you can start getting all of our class updates!  I know this letter contains a lot of information, but my classroom is a welcoming, exciting, happy place and I know they will enjoy it!  You will be hearing from me via e-mail a TON this year, but that is all for now=)



    Mrs. Kelly Oliver

    P.S. This summer I wrote several grants to get a class set of ukuleles and at least guitars 5 (10 would be better). I am hoping to hear back by the end of the first trimester, but since I am wanting to start right away with music, I have created a Donor’s choose account and for this week only, Donor’s choose will match any donation up to 50$. When we reach our goal on Donor’s choose additional donations can be made to purchase ukuleles from Staump music school.

    Here is the link (also on my webpage):

    Don't forget to apply the code: LIFTOFF  and your donation will be matched up to $50


    PG movie and Novel Permission Slip


              My students will have a few movie-based writing assignments and I always do an elective unit on cinematography.  This permission slip will allow your student to watch PG movies in my class during the rest of the school year.  Let me know if you would like a complete list of films.

    This permission slip needs to be returned by Friday of this week.



    My child has permission to view any PG movies and read Cirque du Freak (a fun thriller for our end of the year novel). 

    _______________________________               ________________________


    Parent Signature                                         Date


    Email Address Needed




    I would like to communicate important messages, notes, reminders, and announcements to you quickly and efficiently. Please take a moment to send in the e-mail addresses that you use most frequently. I want you to be on the “cutting edge” of classroom information.


    Here are the steps to get in our class e-mail group:


    You need to send 1 e-mail to me per e-mail address that you would like to add. Please include all parents, step-parents and guardians so I can reach the whole family!


    It goes like this:

    Create a new e-mail message- from EACH account that needs class communication and send it to: kelly.oliver@santeesd.net


    Subject: Your student’s first and last name and your relationship (Trevor Brown- Mom work)


    Body of the message: Please add this e-mail to your 5th grade class and include your full name and your students full name


    Remember if you want to add multiple addresses; then just send an e-mail from each address and I will make sure to put you in the group!


    Thank you so much for your help!  

    Mrs. Kelly Oliver






Last Modified on August 22, 2017