• Do you think it is important to PERSEVERE?

    Posted by Teresa Boulais on 12/10/2017

    Tell if you think it is important to PERSEVERE.  Why is it important or why isn't it important? Does it matter if you PERSEVERE in our classroom or on an assessment? 


    Write at least 3 complete sentences in your answer.

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  • Your goals for the second trimester:

    Posted by Teresa Boulais on 12/3/2017

    What are some goals you have for the next Trimester (next 3 months of school)?



    one Math,

    one Reading,

    one Writing, and

    one Personal goal you have.  


    What steps will you take to meet these goals by the middle of March?

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  • What are you thankful for?

    Posted by Teresa Boulais on 11/26/2017


    This year is almost over!  Thinking about this year, what are 5 things that you are thankful for.  

    Make sure you write in complete sentences, and not just a list of words.  :) 



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  • Should Kids Play Pok√©mon Go?

    Posted by Teresa Boulais on 11/12/2017

    Should Kids Play Pokémon Go?

    This summer, it seemed as if everyone was talking about Pokémon Go. The mobile game was released on July 6. In its first month, the game was downloaded by 130 million people worldwide, setting a Guinness World Record for most downloads in a month.

    To play the game, users follow a digital map on their phones that shows virtual creatures, called Pokémon, in real-life locations. Players have to walk around in search of Pokémon and try to capture as many as possible. (Kids under the age of 13 are allowed to play, but a parent or guardian has to create an account and add a child.)

    Many people applaud Pokémon Go for getting players—especially kids—outside. A lot of players like that the game encourages them to exercise by walking to catch Pokémon. Some users also say they’ve become friends with players they’ve met while looking for Pokémon.

    But not everyone is a fan of Pokémon Go. Critics say that even though it gets kids outside, they’re still just playing a video game. They also argue that the game leads users to walk while looking at their phones, which can be dangerous. Some players have reported suffering injuries, such as broken bones, because they weren’t watching where they were going.

    What do you think?  Use accountable talk to have a discussion about your feelings. Write at least 3 well-written sentences with evidence to support your opinion.  


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  • Pumpkin Math!!

    Posted by Teresa Boulais on 11/5/2017



    We spent time counting seeds in pumpkins this month.  We made predictions about which size pumpkin had the most seeds and which had the least.  What was your prediction?  Were you right or was your prediction different than what you actually counted?


    What do you think is the best way to organize the seeds so that you can count them quick and easy?

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  • What is your favorite candy?

    Posted by Teresa Boulais on 10/29/2017
    What Is Your Favorite Candy?
    If you could eat only one candy for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?  Why do you enjoy it so much? 
    In 3 or more sentences, use lots of oooey, gooey adjectives (describing words) to tell us all about it!  Help me visualize!
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  • How are YOU like someone in your family?

    Posted by Teresa Boulais on 10/22/2017
    We have been working on Comparing and Contrasting this month.  Tell how you are alike and different than someone else in your family. 
    Write 3 or more COMPLETE sentences.  Check for spelling, capitals, and punctuation.
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  • How can you use multiplication to find 5+5+5+5+5+5?

    Posted by Teresa Boulais on 10/15/2017

    How can you use multiplication to find 5+5+5+5+5+5?


    Write an explanation in 3 or more sentences.  Do not just give me the sum or product of the equation.


    (example:  First, you count..........)


    Use correct conventions (punctuation, capitalization, spelling).

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  • Should kids have recess every day?

    Posted by Teresa Boulais on 10/8/2017

    Should Kids Have Recess Every Day?

    From Scholastic News Magazine

    There’s good news for kids in Rhode Island who look forward to recess each day: It’s now required by law in that state! Starting this school year, public elementary schools in Rhode Island must give students at least 20 minutes of recess each day. Rhode Island joins two other states, Missouri and Virginia, that have similar recess laws.

    People in favor of daily recess say kids need to exercise every day. They also say students need a break from classroom work.

    “Recess provides a much-needed opportunity to recharge and play with friends,” says Tracy Ramos. She’s the director of Parents Across Rhode Island, a group that led the charge for the state’s new law.

    Few people would argue that recess doesn’t have benefits. But many school officials say having daily recess means less time for core academic subjects. According to one study, 20 percent of school districts in the U.S. cut time from recess in recent years. Many schools are using that extra time for more instruction in subjects like reading and math.   

    “I’m not opposed to the idea of recess, but it’s hard to make it our top priority,” says Steve Czerniejewski, a fifth-grade teacher in Winter Garden, Florida.

    What do you think?  Use accountable talk to have a discussion about your feelings. Write at least 3 well-written sentences with evidence to support your opinion.  
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  • Why is 3x5 the same as 5x3?

    Posted by Teresa Boulais on 10/1/2017
    3 X 5    or     5 X 3
    1.  Explain why you get the same answer when you multiply 3 X 5 or 5 X 3?
    2.  As a bonus, what is the name of the Multiplication Property that explains this?  
    3.  Use at least 3 math vocabulary words in your answer.
    Optional Math Vocabulary:  factors, product, array, rows, columns
    ( I will approve your comments as soon as most of the class finishes their answers.)
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