To reach me:
    teresa.boulais@santeesd.net , 619-956-5532 
    Rio Seco School, 9545 Cuyamaca Street, Santee, CA  92071


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    A little about Mrs. Boulais:  

    Hi!  My name is Mrs. Boulais (Boo-lay).  I grew up outside of Los Angeles County.  I received my Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology at California State University Long Beach and my Master's Degree in Education specializing in Cross-Cultural Teaching at National University with a CLAD certification to teach English Language Learners.  Part of my summers are spent continuing my education in science, math, and technology.  I have been teaching for many years in the Santee School District.  I absolutely LOVE waking up each morning to come to work with such a great group of kiddos, past and present!

    My husband and I live in Santee with our two sons, Dylan and Parker. Dylan plays basketball and Parker plays soccer and baseball.  I am lucky to have them here at Rio Seco School with me!     
    I love to snuggle up with a good cup of coffee, a Snickerdoodle cookie, and a great book!   :)  My family loves going out to dinner and the movies, camping in our trailer, spending time gardening, and traveling,   :) 
    My family and teaching are absolutely the most important things to me!


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    A Little about Room 12:
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    Note:  The district has implemented a new policy.  Birthdays and other food-related celebrations will be celebrated school-wide only once per month.  The day is and will be pre-arranged by the school.  Please see me for more information. 
    Please do not bring any food into the classroom to celebrate a birthday.
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    Classroom Needs
    I would love to have donations of the following items.  These will help us last the 181 days we have together!  These are not required and are only a list of items that can be donated at any time during the year.
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    Prizes for our class auction! 
    Anything less than a dollar would be wonderful!
    (Dollar Tree, Party City Favors, Walmart)
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    Baby Wipes

    leaf bullet Used Chapter or Picture Books for our Classroom Library
    leaf bullet Printer ink
    leaf bullet Crayola Markers
    leaf bullet Crayola Crayons
    leaf bullet $5 donation for film development
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    leaf bullet Glossy Finish Portfolio 2-Pocket Folders with 3 holes punched (any fun designs)
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    Box Tops 
    We collect Box Tops too!
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    Behavior Plan

    Class Rules

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    We will be developing these together as a class.  I expect children to C. A. R. E.  This means students will:

    • Be part of the school Community
    • Choose a positive Attitude
    • Respect themselves, others, and property
    • Demonstrate Empathy for their peers and others.

    Positive Behavior

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    Individual:  Banana Bucks to "buy" items during the classroom auction/student store.  Students receive these when they show responsibility for decisions they make in and out of class.  Some examples may include: coming to class on time, returning forms on time, completing homework each night, showing or making PeaceBuilder decisions. 

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    Positive Phone Calls home

    leaf bullet Table:  Monkeys above the table for a table reward
    leaf bullet

    Class:  Critters in the bucket for a whole class reward

    All of the above include smiles, hugs, and lots of teacher praise!!!

    Negative Behavior

    leaf bulletStudents pay me Banana Bucks for not showing responsible behavior. Some examples of this may include: not turning in homework, hanging out at backpack area, breaking a class or school rule purposely, consistently speaking out of turn or getting out of seat in class,  being disrespectful, not being a PeaceBuilder, etc.  I believe in logical consequences and working together to correct behavior.

    leaf bullet If a student consistently has bad days, then I will begin the 5 Step Plan with them.  (see below)


    No matter what behavior choice a student makes, I like to encourage students with smiles, hugs, and teacher praise. We can always move toward a positive direction because we can learn from the poor choices we sometimes make!!!

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    Rio Seco School

    5 Step Discipline Plan


    STEP 1:  Verbal Warning

    STEP 2:  Counsel about Behavior Expectations

                (automatic step for bullying behavior)

    STEP 3: Parent/Teacher Conference

                    (telephone, email, or in person)

    STEP 4:  Refer to the VP/Principal

    STEP 5:  Refer to the VP/Principal

                (for possible in-school or out-of-school suspension)



    School Policy:  Once on a STEP CARD, students have five (5) school days “probation” between each step.  If they have no behavior problems during that time, they will be given a fresh start.  Any behavior problems that occur during the five (5) school days of “probation” will advance students to the next step.

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    We are a Peace Building classroom and Rio Seco is a Peace Building school!  We practice and say the following after the pledge of allegiance:

    I am a PeaceBuilder.

    I pledge to praise people,

    To give up put-downs,

    To seek wise people as advisors and friends,

    To notice the hurts I have caused and make amends,

    To right wrongs,

    To help others.

    I will build peace at home, at school, and in my community each day.

    The words in bold are the vocabulary we use all of the time to talk about communication, behavior and how we relate to our peers and grown-ups.  
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Last Modified on November 27, 2017