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    ROCKET Notebooks

    Really Organized Children - Keeping Everything Together

    Students are not assigned "regular homework" each night/week.  Instead of giving regular nightly "homework", I would instead like students to participate in extracurricular sports and activities, to support the community,  and to spend time with family.
       I would like to see students work on the following list on "most" nights of the week that they are not engaged in other activities:
    • Nightly independent reading using Scholastic News, Achieve 3000, or a book of their own.  Students should aim for 20 continuous minutes nightly.
    • Completing DreamBox online (computer, iPad) for two 30 minute sessions each week.  Sessions can happen any night of the week to work around your schedules.  I will run a report every Monday to make sure they are using the program at home. 
    • One Blog Entry per week on our classroom website responding to a prompt that I have written. 
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    Nightly Independent Reading 
    Students should read a minimum of 20 minutes each night as part of their practice at home.   This is part of my balanced literacy program.  It is just as important to read to your child as it is for your child to see you read.  I hope you will start a nightly reading time for your family where everyone reads together. Students may read anything they like.  Newspapers and magazines are also good reading sources.  Please encourage your child to read these types of materials.  Remember, reading is fun!  Children may read books online for their 20 minutes of reading or read Scholastic News on their iPads.  When brought home, classroom books must always be kept in the Ziplock bag located in the notebook and returned to school in the ROCKET Notebook to prevent damage or loss of the book.
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    ROCKET Notebooks
    In our classroom we will use a ROCKET Notebook.  ROCKET stands for Really Organized Children Keeping Everything Together!  This notebook is designed to help students develop good organizational skills that will benefit them throughout life as well as teach them responsibility.  It will also ensure parents receive all assignments, projects, notes, and graded papers.  Please check the ROCKET notebook each night with your child. Students will receive a homework calendar that will be kept in their ROCKET notebook. This will let parents know how much practice your child should accomplish at home.  

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    Parts of the ROCKET Notebook 

    **The notebook will become worn out by the middle of the school year, please replace the notebook as needed and transfer all the contents to the new folder.


    bullet Homework Calendar ~ This is where you will find assignments for practice at home.   

    bullet  Classroom Book Bag ~ Students will place their current independent reading book in this baggie daily.  They may choose to read this book as part of their 20 minutes of nightly reading.  As the bags get worn out, please replace them with one from home.

    bullet  iPad Bag ~ Student will keep their iPad safely in this bag for transport to and from home each day.
    bullet Spelling / Word Work ~ As we work on word patterns with vocabulary and spelling, sheets may be added to this pocket.
    bullet Resources ~ We will add further math and reading resources as the year continues.
    bullet  Notes / Graded Work Folder ~ This folder will contain memos/notes from the office and graded work.   Please remove these items from this folder nightly so that they don’t pile up in the notebook.  Please replace the folder as it gets worn out.   

    bullet Lined Paper~ This section has lined paper that you or your child may use. 

Last Modified on July 21, 2017