• banana As part of our district's Wellness Program, schools must follow strict nutritional guidelines and limit the non-compliant food celebration days per year. Classroom celebrations will be reserved for special occasions, periodically, and must occur AFTER lunch.  In the past, you may have sent in cookies or cupcakes for your child's birthday celebration.  In sixth grade, we ask that your child not celebrate his or her birthday with food.  Students may bring items such as stickers, pencils, special erasers or a donated book for our class library as a celebration of his or her special day.  They also get the "birthday frog" which sits on their desk all day and a special no homework pass in lieu of food.  Our class has some special food/nut allergies so we really appreciate your support with adhering to district guidelines with treats and helping to fight childhood obesity by setting good examples for alternatives to food rewards and school celebrations centered around treats.  
    Non-Compliant food days/Classroom "celebrations" may only occur once a month, but don't necessarily occur if we don't have something special planned. 
    These dates for this year, 2016-2017, can be found HERE.




Last Modified on August 18, 2016