Why do I assign homework?   Homework is a valuable way to help students make the most of their experiences in school.  It helps reinforce what has been learned in class, prepares them for future lessons, teaches responsibility, and helps students develop positive study habits.


    When will homework be assigned?   In addition to required daily 30+ minutes of reading, all other homework will be assigned daily.  Students will have a Homework Calendar and Daily Communication folder to help keep them organized.


    What are your child’s homework responsibilities?   I EXPECT STUDENTS TO DO THEIR BEST AND NEATEST WORK.  All written work is to be done in pencil, unless specified otherwise.  I expect all homework to be completed to the best of your child’s ability and turned in by the due date.


    What are my homework responsibilities?   I will assign homework that is relevant to our class work.  I will check all homework assignments and record them in my grade book.   We will review homework in class.  I will support good homework practice by giving praise and other incentives.


    What are a family’s homework responsibilities?   Family support is key to making homework a positive experience for children.  Therefore, I ask that you make homework a TOP priority at home.  Please provide necessary supplies and a quiet homework environment, set aside a time every day when homework should be done, and give your child praise and support for his/her efforts.   Do not allow your child to avoid doing homework and contact me if you notice a problem.



Last Modified on August 9, 2016